CAQ - Create A Quiz

CAQ is a quiz app that lets you create your own quiz from scratch by entering the questions on your android device. You can then retake the quiz that you made, or with the export feature, send the quiz to your friends.

A quick overview of some of the features included in CAQ

  • Make as many questions and quizzes as you want*
  • Multiple choice questions, written out questions, and flash card style questions
  • Add pictures to your questions
  • Record sound to play along with your questions
  • Import other people's quizzes
  • Export quizzes of your own to share between devices
  • Automatic backup of quizzes when editing

* - Free version is limited to 6 quizzes and 30 questions per quiz

The full version - avaliable for purchase - can be found on Google Play.

For more information see the CAQ FAQ page.

Exporting quizzes

Quizzes are exported in a .quiz format. A specification for .quiz files can be found here (rtf format).

PC Version

A PC version is avaliable for CAQ, and can be downloaded from here

You must have .NET 4.5(or higher) installed on your computer or your quizzes will not save.

Don't know if you have .NET 4.5 installed?

Instructions for installing .NET 4.5

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of CAQ version 1.51, the new multiple choice question type is not supported in the PC version. Additionally, as of version 1.55, the Flashcard questions are not supported either However, the old style of multiple choice questions can be used in the Android version, so any quiz edited in the Android version of CAQ may not be compatible with the PC version

Web browsers seem to be reporting this file as potentially malicious right now. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about this, it is up to the browsers when they decide the file has enough downloads to be 'safe'.

Features in progress

These are features that have been suggested and are currently being worked on:

  • Written Answers V2 - Much like Multiple Choice V2 questions, these would add some new features and combine standard questions and picture questions
  • A Quiz sharing hub on this website
  • Custom styles - no more dull gray backgrounds
  • A more updated PC version that can enter the new question types

Have an idea not on that list? Send me an email and I'll add it to this list.