• How do I rename quizzes?
    To rename a quiz, first export it as a .quiz file by clicking Export a Quiz and selecting the quiz to be renamed. Then click Import a Quiz and select the quiz that you just exported. Now, in the window that opens, type the name for the new quiz. Finally, if you want you can delete the old quiz

  • Can I automatically upload my quizzes to a dropbox folder when I edit them?
    Yes. From the main menu click the menu button on you phone. Select Manage Backups. Press the menu button again, and click Change Backup Location. Then enter the location of your dropbox folder on your phone. Click OK. This will ensure that every time you edit a quiz your changes will be automatically saved to the folder, which dropbox can then sync.

  • I accidentally deleted a quiz - can I recover it?
    Go to the main menu and press the menu button. Then click manage backups and select the name of the quiz that you just deleted Enter the name of the quiz and click OK.

  • My quiz is crashing, what should I do?
    You should do two things - when CAQ crashes, click the report error button and send that data to me. Secondly, if you have CAQ Key then try exporting your quiz, and sending it to me in an email. That way I can play around with your quiz until I fix the crash, or, if your quiz was corrupted in some way I can fix that and send you back a working quiz.

  • Can I add an explanation to the answer for a question?
    When editing the question that you wish to add an explanation to, click the menu button on your phone select \'Add Explanation\'. In the window the pops up, type in the explanation to your question and click save.

  • I can't open the app anymore - it just crashes.
    I am currently trying to fix this bug. For the moment the best way to deal with it is to force close CAQ( long press on the app in your recent apps list and click application settings, then force close). And continue opening the app until the crashing stops and the app returns to the main scree.

FAQ for CAQ Key

  • How do I install this app to unlock the full version features?
    First, ensure that you have the base CAQ app installed. This is where the main features will be unlocked to. Secondly, download CAQ Key and run it once. I will close immediately - this is expected behaviour. Finally, go back to CAQ. You should notice that there are no ads showing and that the Upgrade Now button has disappeared.

  • I tried the above but nothing changed.
    In some cases CAQ may need to completely shutdown to recognise the installation of the Key. Simply remove CAQ from your recent apps list and then re open it from it's icon in your app drawer.

  • Why doesn't the app open?
    This is the expected behaviour of the app. Once you run it CAQ Key unlocks the features of the main app and never has to be run again.

  • Do I need to have CAQ installed to use CAQ Key?
    Yes. CAQ contains all the features that need to be paid for, they are unlocked when you run CAQ Key

  • This wasn't what I expected, can I have a refund?
    Because Google Play's refund policy doesn't give you really good chance to try an app, I will provide you with a 100% refund as long as you send an email within 24 hours of your purchase.

FAQ for this website

  • I haven't had any questions about this site yet - I am happy to respond to anything via email.