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CAQ (Create a Quiz)

CAQ is my Android app which lets you create your own quiz - and then retake it as many times as you want. The CAQ FAQ can be found here

The PC version can be found here


This is the application that unlocks the full version features for CAQ. For the installation process see here. This applications page on Google Play can be found here. Finally, you can see a list of unlocked features here.

SMS Spammer

This is a simple application that lets you send many many texts to your Friends (or anyone who's phone number you have access to for that matter)

Cold War Quiz

Cold War Quiz is very similar to Spanish Quiz in terms of it's layout and features. Cold War Quiz focuses exclusively on the Cold War tensions between 1945 and 1990. Cold War quiz has approximately 250 questions as of the moment - but I am always open to suggestions for more questions to be added. For more information see the Cold War Quiz page.

Spanish Quiz

This is a simple app that has taken a 5000 word long list of common Spanish vocabulary words from the web, and asks you them in a random order. You can find it's page on Google Play here